Effective Date: 20th May 2020

Company Name and Contact Details (Contact Us):
This web site is owned and operated by Crosscare Limited; of The Herbert Building, the Park, Carrickmines, Dublin 18, Ireland. www.milkaid.com.

The trademarks Milkaid Tablets® and Milkaid Drops® are the sole and exclusive property of Crosscare Limited.

Name of the Product of the Company:
Milkaid Tablets® and Milkaid Drops®

Details of the Product of the Company:
Milkaid Drops® contains glycerol and aqueous lactase enzyme. When added to milk, Milkaid Drops® help break down the lactose present in milk, making it easier to digest. Milkaid® Tablets contain lactase enzyme and are raspberry flavoured chewable tablets.

Authorisations/Approvals for the Products:
Milkaid Drops® and Milkaid® Tablets are lactase enzyme supplements.

Characteristics of the Products:
The active ingredient in Milkaid Drops® and Milkaid® Tablets is lactase, an enzyme which occurs naturally within the body.

Price of the Product (including all taxes) and payment arrangements:
All pricing and payment arrangements are contained in the ‘Buy Online’ section of this official website for Milkaid Drops® and Milkaid® Tablets.

Governing Currency:
The governing currency of this website is EURO. However Milkaid Drops® and Milkaid Tablets® may also be purchased in GBP Sterling.

Arrangements for payment, delivery (including delivery costs):
All pricing and payment arrangements are contained in the ‘Buy Online’ section of this website.

Rights of the Consumer to cancel contracts (cancellation procedures and conditions):
Cancellations and Refunds
Crosscare is committed to providing our customers with products that meet our customers’ needs. However, we understand that there may be occasions when the items may not have been delivered correctly or that you no longer require the Product. If this is the case then the customer has the right to return the Product to the Company within 28 days of the Delivery Date for a replacement or full credit or refund as long as the goods are unused and are returned with the original packaging un-opened.

In the event of a refund, please note the refund will be made by the same method used to pay for the order. Credit card companies will only allow refunds to be made to the card used to pay for the original order. Please be aware that it can take as long as seven working days for a refund to be acknowledged by your credit card company. Your statutory rights are not affected.

To return an item, please enclose a note in the package stating why it is being returned, whether you would like a replacement or refund, your name, full address and a daytime telephone number. We do not keep individuals’ credit or debit card details for data protection reasons, so a member of our Customer Care Team will need to contact you to obtain this information before a refund can take place.

Address the package to Crosscare Ltd., The Herbert Building, the Park, Carrickmines, Dublin 18, Ireland and send it to us, at your local post office. Please note that all returns are evaluated before being processed. If for any reason you need assistance with your queries, please email our Customer Care Team at info@crosscare.com.

Details of the Company:
Crosscare Limited is an Irish Registered Company with a Companies Office Number of 172292 with a registered office at The Herbert Building, the Park, Carrickmines, Dublin 18, Ireland. The Value Added Tax (VAT) reference for Crosscare Limited is IE/6572292/M.

Governing Language:
The governing language of this website and any contracts that may be concluded herein and hereunder shall be the English language.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction:
The governing law and jurisdiction of this website and any contracts that may be concluded herein and hereunder shall be the Laws of Ireland.

Technical Steps Required to Conclude On-Line Contracts for the Products of the Company:

General Sales Terms and Conditions

Minimum Order Requirement: The Milkaid Drops® and Milkaid Tablets® Product are shipped in a minimum order quantity of 1 unit.

Terms of Payment:  Credit card

Transportation: Title to the Product sold passes to the customer upon delivery of the Product to the carrier whether shipment is by mail, or courier service. The responsibility of the Company for the Product ceases when so delivered to the post office or courier corporation. Extra transportation costs must be borne by the customer when special handling or routing is requested.

Shipping Claims: The customer is responsible for verification of shipments from the Company.  The Company is not responsible for losses that may occur in the transportation of the Product. The Company is not responsible for collecting claims from the post office or courier corporations but when requested, the Company will be of any assistance possible to the purchaser/customer. Shipping errors and hidden damage should be reported to the Crosscare Customer Service Department within 3 business days after receipt of the shipment. Upon verification, replacement Product will be dispatched or credit issued.

Quality: Should the Product not meet labelled specifications, or upon recall, the purchase price of the Product and any transportation charges incurred by the customer will be refunded in full.

Defective Product: Defective Product or Product subject to recall do not apply to this policy.

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