Now you can enjoy the goodness of dairy again, with Milkaid

What Our Customers Say

Don’t just take our word for it that Milkaid works – user testimonials for its positive effects keep pouring in.

A life changing experience – I have been lactose intolerant for many years but it was only two weeks ago I heard about these tablets. They have changed my life completely. I can now drink & eat normally after chewing just 2 tablets.

Best one – I have been using these tablets for a couple months and they are the best in my case. I sometimes by accident eat/drink milk and don’t realise until I start feeling symptoms. So, I take 2 tablets, then 5 minutes later I feel normal again.

Have been using these for a few years now and can honestly say they are amazing. These are great to use with milk and dairy products and are very easy to use and are tasty too. Since using these chewable tablets, it has greatly reduced my reaction to dairy foods and I will continue to buy these.

I don’t usually leave reviews but this is such a great product. I used to have big issues before I tried Milkaid, but as soon as I did I wish I had found this product sooner. I take 2 tablets just as I start a meal with dairy in it and top up if I’m over indulging myself. Thumbs up for this product.

Amazing. Life changing for my 8 year old and he loves the taste.




Quite simply these tablets have changed my life!! I can’t live without them now.




Work well and taste great and recommend it over the non-chewable type.




Work really well for me. No need to take with water, just chew the tablets before eating food containing lactase.




Quite simply these tablets have changed my life!! I can’t live without them now.




I’m coeliac and lactose intolerant, so treats are few and far between. These tablets are a miracle! I take 2 just before I eat dairy and found I needed a third about 10 minutes before the end of eating. For lots of milk content in a meal, I take 2 at the start and 2 more 10 minutes before finishing. I don’t look 7 months pregnant anymore with bloating, have no awful cramping or gas, and feel great. I feel normal again. 100% recommend Milkaid. They’re a Godsend.

These are good enzymes! They taste good and being chewable means you can take them on the go! Also you get a lot more for your money than the capsules I used to buy!


These allow my family and I to consume dairy without the expense of buying lactose free. And they taste nice.



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